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ClearSource Translation connects you with professional interpreters on your demand that meet your business needs 24/7, wether you are looking for video or audio interpreting services, virtual meetings, or telehealth professionals. Withholding worldwide standards with our unmatched interpreter talent, we are able to provide fast, dependable remote interpreting services with elevated accessibility.

Over The Phone Interpreting

We have some of the most skilled OPI agents, capable of breaking down any language barrier that you may be faced with.
Experience communicating with your limited English proficiency (LEP) clients just as you would with native English speakers.

Why choose ClearSource for Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI)?

24/7 80+ Languages

Our professional Interpreters are available 24/7 to fulfill your needs covering 80+ Languages worldwide and increasing everyday to fulfill all business aspects as required by most telehealth businesses.


Our leading reporting suite provides actionable, real-time data & analytics to contain costs & drive efficiencies as well as track and manage spend with ease, ensure the optimal utilization of services, and monitor service level performance.


ClearSource huge interpreters team, as constantly developed and trained to the latest trends to insure proficiency in client service to meet your needs, as they will take your business to a world with no language & cultural barriers.

Video Interpreting

The recent pandemic and its measures of social distancing have accelerated the adoption of remote encounters, may it be with family, work, or medical consultations. We have then all experienced the communication benefits of video calls over audio alone. Video remote interpretation fits right in your new habits of virtual face-to-face meetings.

In addition, the video will help you identify the different speakers. This is especially useful when multiple parties join a single call. Video Remote Interpretation is ideal when multiple people need the aid of an interpreter. Make sure to check with your language services provider to see if they accommodate multiple parties on VRI calls


Examples of Where Video Remote Interpretation is Used

Here are some industries and settings where VRI is often used.

  • Medical and Healthcare: When a patient’s primary language is not English, on-demand language support like VRI makes it possible to communicate quickly and effectively, regardless of the language the patient speaks. Video remote is helpful during consultations, diagnosis, and Telemedicine (aka Telehealth) sessions. VRI is also convenient for teams that are in the field, including first responders such as paramedics. 
  • Legal and Courts: Legal and court settings are ideal for utilizing an interpreter via Video Remote, especially in judicial proceedings and court operations that are conducted remotely.
  • Education: Video remote services are ideal for when educators or administrators need to communicate with English Learner (EL) students and parents/guardians with limited English proficiency (LEP). The technology is ideal for parent-teacher conferences and at-home learning. 
  • Travel and Hospitality: The travel and hospitality industry requires ongoing communication with customers in multiple languages. Adding video remote interpretation to your customer support can improve the guest experience and increase bookings while reducing cancellations and complaints.
  • Contact Centers: Contact Centers (sometimes referred to as call centers) managers who wish to upgrade their customer service experience have opted for Video Remote Interpretation. It is ideal for serving customers that are deaf or hard of hearing by utilizing an American Sign Language interpreter.
  • Business Scheduling: An interpreter with a background in your business discipline or industry can even better help bridge the language gap during negotiations, meetings, or during an event such as a webinar or shareholder meeting.

Why choose ClearSource for Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)?

24/7 60+ Languages

Would you need people to see each-other for any of the above reasons and your rare language interpreter is not available on-site? We have people available for video 24/7


Much needed tool for assisting hearing impaired persons where lip reading will help with sign language!


Studies suggest that 93% of communication is non-verbal and only 7% is made of words we speak! Messages come in more clearly and accurately with visuals and face expression, and this is an advantage of VRI

In-Person Interpreting

With our unique online booking service for on-site interpreting, we will send you the foreign language speaker you need at the required location.
Our interpreters are certified to assist you, temporarily or long term, with medical visits, legal procedures, business meetings and other special needs.


Msssages may be conveyed more clearly an accurately when including face expressions and body language. Plus, it will be very clear about who is saying what!

Fast Scheduling

No pre-installation of device, internet or any other technical requirement. Schedule your interpreter and he will be on your door step.


The traditional style, face-to-face service at your door. Feel free to offer a coffee or a glass of water to our agents that are able to withstand any situation and over come cultural barriers!
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