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Many commercial services exist that will interpret spoken language via telephone, there is also us who can deliver more than that from Translation, Interpreting, Voice Over and many other services too!
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Since 2015, Clear Source has been a trusted provider to multiple business industries, covering all linguistic needs. We always make sure our professional services are fast, easy accessible and on point to any request our clients request whenever and wherever they are.


Our professional training helped us secure our clients over 300+ Medical certified interpreters on demand

Business to Business

Our linguists speak your business, breaking language and cultural barriers to take your business worldwide


Governmental agencies and organizations speak a language and live in a culture all their own. We’ve been there, and that's why our experienced teams set us apart from the competition.


Your law firm or legal department needs a translation partner who truly understands the demands of a legal practice and can offer expert technical support for multilingual projects.
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As a language evolves, we evolve with it, keeping all the traditional standards so nothing is an exception for us, with our certified linguists we are able to perfectly complete all projects of all kind at any time to our client needs

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Whether it's Interpretation, Voice Over, Visual Interpretation, Translation, even Localization, we have a group of professional Linguists and account managers that will help you over come the barriers and expand worldwide to take your business to its next big step. We are the professionals that will guide you through and treat your business as our own.
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We only certify by contacting your wanted legal department and with their confirmation, we certify.

Our professional linguists will be chosen depending on the language you want, project, and business vertical, as we need our linguists to be experienced in your industry

Depending on the project and on your request, as we support all video extension, audio extensions, and document extensions.


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Our professional translators are native speakers who have work experience in this industry
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